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Platform Management
iVAN Multi-Tenant
There’s strength in numbers. Take your existing streaming platform to the next level and secure greater revenues by bringing multiple content owners together to create a diverse content marketplace. iVAN-MT breeds endless opportunity effortlessly adding tenants to your service and monetising their content in minutes.
Straightforward Tenant Management
iVAN-MT lets marketplace owners manage different tenants and content types, all in one place, granting access rights, content publishing rights, and admin account privileges for all tenants through a single interface.
Monetisation options
Support for All Monetisation Options
Offering multiple transaction and subscription-based monetisation models, individual tenants can customise how they want to sell their content. Recurring payments can be set to either a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis to create customisable packages.
Marketplace Banners
Promoting content from specific tenants on the homepage to drive traffic and grow revenues, marketplace owners have the option of charging tenants to promote their assets on the homepage directly.
Technical benefits
VOD Encoding
Convert your assets into various file formats and screen resolutions automatically, introducing a marketplace-wide encoding manifest in addition to tenant specific options.
Shared or Dedicated CDN
Position tenant content in front of users around the world with support for industry-leading CDNs, out of the box, as well as giving tenants the option to serve their content through their own preferred delivery networks.
Storage Buckets
Tenants may choose to serve their content from a shared storage bucket or their own dedicated online storage.
Centralised Control
With complete visibility over the marketplace, you have centralised monitoring of content added to the platform.
Additional marketing functionality
Multi-Tenant Browsing
Allow users browse published content by either category or tenant.
Marketplace Tenant Revenue Reports
Watch where your biggest revenue opportunities are coming from, generate revenue reports on a per-tenant basis.
Content Categories
Showcase tenants' assets under specific content categories.

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