A fully managed solution for the future of OTT TV

TV2U’s Intelligent Video Accessible Network (iVAN-X) platform is the fastest and most cost-effective way to launch a scalable white-label OTT TV service with enhanced monetisation capabilities straight out the box.

Why iVANX?

Competition in the streaming space is fierce. Yet the opportunities it holds for unlocking new revenues cannot be ignored.

Winning fans through OTT TV depends on launching quickly with an immediate content offering. As no two viewers are the same, it also requires a platform that’s optimised to each individual’s preferences.

Generic content recommendations and advertising suggestions are old hat. They don’t encourage long term engagement and don’t drive new revenues; resulting in customer churn and a fluctuating bottom line.

Providing a better service with its roots set in deeper insights (based on device, network, user demographic, and individual viewer preferences) is the future. TV2U’s iVAN-X platform is the solution you’ve been looking for – making it incredibly easy to monetise live and video on-demand content through a seamless multiscreen experience.

iVAN-X is live with some of the world’s largest mobile operators and internet service providers.

Discover why iVAN-X is the only platform you need
Advanced Content Management
Full control over your assets with a feature set including on-the-fly encryption and encoding / repackaging. Securely host in the cloud or use in-house branded infrastructure.
Transform the way you monetise
Benefit from TV2U’s world-first account and device detection encryption technology – the future of live video advertising and content security – and give your customers flexibility with pre-integration for all major payment channels.
Cost-effective, fast launch
Forget long deployment schedules and up-front IT costs. With our cloud-based platform, you can launch an advanced multiscreen OTT TV service and start delivering content to consumers immediately.
Ingest from anywhere
Ingest media from satellite, cable, live feeds or stored VOD content, and introduce new capabilities such as catch-up functionality straight out the box.
Offer a complete user experience
Intelligently manage content and create a customised viewing experience with iVAN-X’s back-end dashboard and suite of responsive apps for all major operating systems, purposefully created to maximise engagement. Reach consumers on the web, mobile devices, set-top boxes, smart TVs, and gaming consoles all at once.
Unrivalled data analytics
Maximize engagement and revenue with better data insights. Know your customers on a much deeper level with our unparalleled and industry-leading insights platform, complete with predictive analytics and granular consumer profiling. Our analytics are real time, offering an end-to-end view of your audience, their habits, and what assets are driving the bottom line.
Delight your customers
Bring viewers extra functionality such as push notifications, content alarms and reminders, parental controls, multi-language support, and social networking integration, delivered via a powerful UI with an engaging user experience.
Any device, any network, any time
Leave low-quality streaming behind. Network and device agnostic, iVAN-X is designed for reliable and efficient content delivery across even the most congested networks. Equally, our scalable cloud infrastructure is resilient and secure, with end-to-end SLAs and comprehensive technical support.
iVAN-X Features
White Labeled CMS
Migration Assistance
World-class video player
Android App
Content Sorting
Metadata Management
Multiple Payment Gateways
Apple In-App Purchases
CDN Support & Integration
Filter Content
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