A natural progression from our iVAN-X platform, the Intelligent
Video Access Network Multi-Tenant
(iVAN-MT) platform is designed as a
revolutionary content marketplace built to facilitate the housing of a bustling
community of Content Owners operating under a single Service Provider. With
in-built systems enabling the flexible monetisation of free and paid content
offerings, allow your customers to lose themselves; discovering and exploring
freely among stories, auditory and visual sensations, and interactive
additions never experienced before.


Manage the many complexities of a multi-tenant content relationship simply. IVAN-MT allows for Service Providers to work cohesively with a limitless number of Content Owners to provide their offerings in a single location; through a single sign in users are granted immediate access to an endless array of possibilities provided by your third-party Tenants. Hand the key to your marketplace to customers in the form of a tailored version of the iVAN-X UI, equipped for easy exploration, subscription, consumption, and purchasing through a centralised platform.

Powerful Multi-Tenant Content Management Made Easy for
A Space for All Uses
Build an adaptable space attractive to diverse new customers and content owners, without the associated coding and development costs, by introducing a multi-tenant offering as an extension of your existing streaming platform.
Maintain Deep Visibility
Gain Super Admin Insights into overall analytics, media engagement, usage statistics, and revenues from all vendors among a wider range of Analytical Reporting tools.
Combine Direct Billing with Targeted Advertising
Operate under a revenue share model with your Tenants, taken further to maximise revenue through a customisable mix of pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll video advertising.
Discover and Reach New Viewers, Maintain Control Over Your Content as
Full Feature Set, No Up-Front Cost
Become a larger part of the community with ease, uploading and promoting your own content to the service as a provider using an instance of the platform incorporating all the same features and functionality made available to your Tenants.
Extend Your Reach to New Audiences and Monetise Immediately
Position your assets in-front of consumers, on their televisions and mobile devices, delivering content worldwide while staying in control of your monetisation and earning on your terms. Choose freely from any combination of Subscription VOD (SVOD), Transaction VOD (TVOD), Ad-supported VOD (AVOD), or pay-per-view (PPV) options. Set content permission levels and restrictions and approve content before it goes live.
Understand What Content Performs Best
Reap the advantages of the platforms advanced data analytics capabilities and see who is watching you content, when, and on what device. Gain valuable insights into the content which resonates best with viewers for the tailoring of future creations, maximizing quality and revenue.
iVAN-MT Features
Vendor Management
Transactional VOD
Centralized Control
Video Encoding
Storage Bucket
Content Categories
Content Browsing
Marketplace Banners
Vendor Reports
Owner Reports
Dedicated CDN

As the largest spectator event in the world, the FIFA World Cup attracts billions of viewers globally. The platform created to handle such an event must be able to handle immense loads of traffic without a single viewer missing a beat of the action. TV2U’s iVAN-MT was chosen by the people of Indonesia, hand in hand with one of the countries largest mobile operators Indosat Ooredoo, to be the platform depended upon for the task for the whole of the country.

The coverage was delivered flawlessly through a service named iStream. The service launched effortlessly despite its tight schedule with credit to the flexible nature of the iVAN-MT platform.

In addition to complete coverage of the games and catch-up access to previous fixtures, iStream provided the team statistics, live results, match data, and tailored insights and overlays for each game to keep fans craving more in even the slowest moments of play.

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