Instantly increase your content footprint and consumer offering

Our Intelligent Video Accessible Network Multi-Vendor (iVAN-MV) platform is a state-of-the-art content marketplace for service providers and content owners. With in-built functionality for monetising free or paid content offerings, iVAN-MV offers everything you need to delight your audience with video and audio they haven’t seen before.


Take the complexity out of managing a multi-vendor content relationship. Consumers can sign up once and have immediate access to all content provided by third-party owners. Running a tailored version of the iVAN-X UI, they can easily explore and subscribe to third-party channels through your centralised platform. The platform allows for an unlimited number of content owners to sell through a single service provider’s service.

Powerful multi-vendor content management made easy for
A customisable solution for all use cases
Build a new service that attracts both consumers and content owners, or introduce a multi-vendor offering as an extension or your existing streaming platform, with no coding or bespoke development costs required.
Maintain overall visibility
Gain ‘super admin’ insights. View overall analytics, revenue, media engagement, usage statistics, and more from across all vendors. Set content permission levels and restrictions and approve content before it goes live.
Blend direct billing with targeted advertising
Operate under a revenue share model with content owners directly through the iVAN-MV platform. Go further and maximise your revenue with a customisable mix of pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll video advertising.
Discover and reach new viewers while maintaining control over your content for
Full feature set, no up-front cost
Become part of something bigger. Upload and promote your content to a service provider’s multi-vendor service using your own instance of TV2U’s white-labelled iVAN-X platform with all the same features and functionality.
Reach new audiences and monetise them immediately
Get your assets in-front of consumers on the web, mobile, and TV, delivering content on your terms anywhere in the world while staying in control of monetisation; choose subscription VOD (SVOD), transactional VOD (TVOD), ad-supported VOD (AVOD), or pay-per-view (PPV).
Understand what content performs best
Take advantage of the advanced data analytics capabilities offered with iVAN-X to see who’s watching your content, when, and on what device. Gain valuable insights into what content is resonating best with viewers and tailor future creation for maximum revenue.
iVAN-MV Features
Vendor Management
Transactional VOD
Centralized Control
Video Encoding
Storage Bucket
Content Categories
Content Browsing
Marketplace Banners
Vendor Reports
Owner Reports
Dedicated CDN
Flawless delivery under the most demanding conditions

The World Cup is the largest spectator event in the world. It attracts billions of viewers globally, so any platform streaming the match fixtures needs to be able to handle incredibly high traffic volumes. TV2U’s IVAN-MV was trusted to deliver live broadcasts of the games to consumers in Indonesia.

Delivered in partnership with Indosat Ooredoo, one of the largest mobile operators in the country, with over 100 million subscribers, World Cup coverage was flawlessly delivered through an OTT service called iStream. The service was able to launch on a tight schedule thanks to the flexible and scalable nature of the IVAN-MV platform. A range of subscription and PPV packages were available, including Direct Carrier Billing support for Indosat’s subscribers.

In addition to complete coverage of the games and catch-up access to previous fixtures, iStream offered individual team statistics, live results and match data, and also tailored insights and overlays during each game to cater for different types of football fan – all powered by iVAN-MV.

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