Features Bundle
Player and CMS
White Labelled CMS
Effortlessly manage your content across all devices with our advanced web portal, branded your way enabling full control over the look and feel.
World-Class Video Player
Give your viewers a seamless experience across all platforms, browsers, and devices. Our robust media player ensures high quality streaming anywhere, any time.
Dedicated iOS and Android Apps
Receive a native Android and iOS app with your own branding, optimized for screens of all sizes.
Android Set Top Box Support
Complement your app suite with a dedicated set-top box offering.
Chromecast Functionality
Enable users to project their favourite movies and TV shows onto the big screen, enjoying the built-in Chromecast support of your website and mobile apps.
Parental Control
Restrict child accounts based on content genre, time of day, and more, with simple yet effective built-in parental controls.
Content Analytics
Track and analyse the performance of your content, finding out what keeps your users engaged for the longest and what content is driving the greatest revenues.
Advanced Reporting
Generate detailed revenue, usage, and content engagement reports and use this data to fuel your content acquisition decisions.
AES-128 Bit Encryption
Ensure your content is always protected with our sturdy 128-bit encryption algorithm.
Device Management
Maintain control over how users access your service by imposing device limits and account restrictions.
Metadata Management
Add detailed metadata to your content, helping users discover what they want to watch across various platforms.
Sign Up & Sign In Control
Make sign-up convenient for your users with a range of options, including email and social media registration.
Consciously restrict the audience for your content to certain countries, or with greater precision to zones such as cities or states.
CDN Support & Integration
Providing pre-integration for industry leading CDNs (including Akamai, Amazon CloudFront, and Cloudflare). reliably deliver your content anywhere in the world.
Live Radio Streaming
Launch and stream live music, sports, and other radio stations instantly; either offered as free addition value or under the same monetisation models as video content.
Monetisation Options
Monetisation Control
Supporting several monetisation models including ad-supported VOD (AVOD), subscription VOD (SVOD), transactional VOD (TVOD), and pay-per-view (PPV), pick-and-mix content assets to fit your needs.
Full Payment Gateway Support
Integrating your preferred gateways and easily collecting payments in any currency.
Apple In-App Purchases
Support in-app transactions. Give users easy access to content via any monetisation model, directly through their iOS account.
Direct Carrier Billing
Let your users pay via direct carrier billing through TV2U’s mobile number registration functionality.
Promotions & Coupons
Generate promotional codes and coupons offering discounts.
Generate special vouchers to reward your most loyal users and provide content offers.
Platform Design
Customisable Templates
Choose from a collection of flexible pre-designed templates that can be edited in real-time to meet your needs.
Multi Lingual UI
Speak the language of your users by launching your service in multiple languages simultaneously.
Cast & Crew Library
Manage additional cast and crew information from a central hub.
Video Library
Bulk upload your content using our CMS to transcode on the fly, allowing it to be instantly available to stream.
Localise Your Content
Add subtitles to your content in just a few clicks.
Content Restriction
Choose where users can watch your content by restricting certain assets to web-browsers, certain mobile devices, or set-top boxes.
Platform Features
Electronic Program Guide
Keep your users in the loop by bringing an EPG to your OTT service.
My List
Let users track their favourite content, and access it with ease in a single place.
Watch History
Retain the watch history of your users, making it convenient to pick up where they left off previously.
Content Sorting
Sort and display your content in a way aimed at engagement, choosing from options including release date, alphabetic order, and popularity.
Filter Content
Offer filters to help users find the content they are looking for.
Content Category
Create and display customisable categories and displays to promote premium content to users.
Schedule A Recording
Let your users control the live content schedule, recording their favourite TV shows to watch later at their convenience.
Stream Live Channels
Stream local and international live channels anywhere, on any device.
Live Channel Catch-up
Offer extra convenience to your users with an automated catch-up functionality for live broadcasts.
Program Alarms
Notifications and user-set alarms alert viewers when their favourite shows are about to air.
Advanced Mobile Sign Up & Sign In
Unique, customisable mobile number sign up and sign in.
Content Banners
Draw users in by promoting your best content with our banner templates, customisable to your brand guidelines and requirements.
Content Searching
Help your users find their favourite content via an intelligent content search engine embedded into the app suite.
A pre-integrated notification engine, updating your users regarding new content arrivals and other customisable notifications.
Email Templates
Pre-defined email templates to handle customer correspondence ranging from user marketing messages to subscription renewals.
Unique Features and Capabilities
Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Streaming
Stay one step ahead of buffering by using TV2U’s advanced ABR technology, delivering over any network by adjust content quality on the fly in line with each user’s bandwidth.
Content Piracy Protection
Protect your content using TV2U’s unrivaled, studio-approved, multi DRM technology.
Advanced Recommendation Engine
Keep your viewers engaged for longer and fight churn with TV2U’s world-class analytics-based recommendations engine.
Analytics Dashboard
Straight out the box receive access to a cross-device analytics dashboard, providing a full view of the complete array of ways in which your users are interacting with your content.
User Insights
The platform tracks and records viewer activity, real time content sessions, device usage, and content engagement, creating an In-depth knowledge of user behaviour.
Technical Support
Migration Assistance
Moving from another platform is made seamless by ingesting your systems, videos, and customer data with a just few clicks. Access to a dedicated customer support line is provided for the duration of the process should you need it.
Knowledge Base
Help users get the most out of your service with a built-in knowledge base and FAQ functionality.
Comprehensive, Human Support
Our team provides around-the-clock support for you and your users.
Ticketing System
Provide advanced customer support by offering a fully integrated, traceable, and manageable ticketing system.