TV2U’s OTT TV platform is an end-to-end, white-label solution for internet service providers and mobile operators.

This make it easily launch a TV Everywhere service with full support for all connected devices – integrating technology with content acquisition to offer a complete end-to-end package.

As a partner rather than purely a systems provider, the majority of services launched using the TV2U platform operate under a revenue share or ad-funded model. 

It’s an approach that eliminates the high CAPEX outlay typically found with other providers.

Data is the beating heart of any video platform. However, while most managed solutions depend on third-party services to collect and analyse usage insights, which then creates a delay in reporting, TV2U’s analytics platform is proprietary.

With TV2U’s platform, no information is shared with third parties.

Results can be reported in true real-time, which is the cornerstone of highly personalised advertising and monetisation opportunities.

It’s also key to putting the power back in your hands when it comes to managing the user experience.

With advanced data analytics, more targeted and relevant content recommendations can be introduced that’ll help drive ongoing engagement.

The viewing experience is becoming increasingly personal and advertising should be too – with those insights pulled direct from the service itself.

The TV2U platform empowers mobile operators and internet service providers to deliver and monetise video content across all devices, on or off network.

Maximising video content revenue depends on knowing your customer on a deeper, richer level. Our cloud-based platform can offer server-side targeted advertising solutions in live and catch-up content, tapping into TV2U’s advanced data analytics.

Ads can then be injected based on location, demographic, or viewer profile and usage habits, to help ensure relevancy and engagement.

Design, build, and manage a branded OTT TV experience.

IVAN (Intelligent Video Accessible Network) is the software solution at the heart of TV2U’s offering.

With a customisable front-end UI, and back-end infrastructure that’s purpose built to ensure delivery even over the most challenging connections, viewers can watch content on any device, over any network, at any time, and anywhere in the world.

Due to its cloud-based design, IVAN can help you to scale up from delivering local services to global coverage.

It can encode content on the fly, deliver to any platform, and integrate with existing payment and support systems to complement your other services.

TV2U handles the full content acquisition stack, providing a truly end-to-end managed platform for service providers.

From local to premium video, news, sports, entertainment, and user-generated content, TV2U can deliver a full range of assets over IP.

It’s live linear and on-demand cloud TV, bringing the benefits of cable delivery to a much wider audience and without the high infrastructure outlay that’s traditionally required.

Tapping into the advanced data analytics and viewer profiling benefits of TV2U’s platform also enhances security and piracy prevention.

Each stream can be individually managed, identifying when and where a subscriber is accessing content. If they’re breaking the law, or accessing video they shouldn’t, the connection can be cut immediately.

TV2U’s direct-to-market approach removes the traditional barriers to entry.

TV2U’s platform has full support for revenue share and ad-funded service models, dramatically lowering the high up-front CAPEX investment that’s hindered the launch of new platforms in the past.

Delivered entirely through the cloud, TV2U allows customers to ingest their existing content and be streaming video to customers in minutes.

The platform can also handle plug-in video and other services.

TV2U’s platform and application suite has been developed entirely in house.

Delivered as a fully-managed service or as a series of bolt-on services to an existing video streaming platform, TV2U’s technology can quickly introduce new functionality and revenue-building capabilities.

The TV2U cloud-based app suite also makes rapid deployment much easier and gives the flexibility to reach customers on the right device at the right time with a seamless, unified user experience.

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