The advanced tv2u encoder encodes and transcodes both live and file based content into the desired playout and mezzanine formats for operators for distribution into Direct to home, cable and OTT networks. The advanced encoder has been designed to work in conjunction with the intelligent origin server as a single device to provide operators with a single user interface to encode and repackage content.

The tv2u advanced encoding/transcoding system is a world class appliance that supports distributed networks and TVE ecosystems.

It has a powerful encoding/transcoding and repackaging engine which supports a multi-screen environment on greenfield and legacy deployments.

The encoding/transcoding engine supports both file and live content and supports high density workflows.

High density encoding/transcoding reduces the requirements for mains power and ensures that operators are able to meet and reduce their carbon foot print.

As a feature of tv2u’s iVan, the intelligent origin server is an advance traffic management origin device which repackages encoded content into multiple ABR containers. These containers include Adobe,HLS and smooth streaming. The repackager allows operators with an existing encoding solution to repackage their MPEG-2 and H.264 contents into ABR containers thus extending the life of their existing encoding infrastructure.

iVAN CMS is a modular, end-to-end platform for the management and delivery of live and on-demand video based content services to STB, PC’s, Wireless and CE devices. It allows content owners and service providers to present rich, discoverable, personalized content through the creation, distribution and operation of secure live and on-demand services.

The CMS provides an operational support infrastructure for content providers to deliver advanced content services over a wide array of networks and devices, including all aspects of:

  • Subscriber Management
  • Preference and Profile Management
  • Product and Charges Management
  • Assets and Rights Management
  • Content Fulfillment & Delivery
  • Digital Storefront Publishing
  • Electronic Program Guide Publishing
  • Access and Digital Rights Management
  • Electronic sell through (EST)r

The system allows a content owner or service provider to define complex business rules that control the content to service lifecycle – ingestion, description, encoding, encryption, packaging, pricing, distribution, and promotion from a single workflow-driven interface.

Elements of the platform may also be exposed externally, extending the portions of the workflow such as credit card processing or billing to business partners and other suppliers. The platform has been designed to be cloud delivered from the content hub.

The analytics platform at present provides feedback on all the customer data that is required in order to operate, manage and market a TV platform. It keeps track of the end users usage of the platform, when, where and on any device at any time.

The consumer can also receive explicit content recommendations based on current action or usage history or consumer defined recommendations based on social interaction and communities of interest.

tv2u have joined forces with strategic Ad Decision Technology partners to provide an integrated, best-of-breed solution to enable service providers to centralize advanced advertising and content delivery services so they can extend Pay-TV programming and monetization to consumers watching on any device or platform.

Together, the Advanced Advertising Ad Decision and Campaign Management systems and our Managed IP or OTT content delivery infrastructures provide operators with the tools they need to deliver and monetize content to new IP platforms and devices, or support traditional QAM based delivery.

tv2u supports a number of 3rd party Hollywood approved Content Encryption Solutions as well as its own bolt-on solution for added security enabling the operator to uniquely track an individual stream over any network to any connected device provide analytical data on who’s watching what content. If a breach of security is detected tv2u has the ability to cut the content being streamed to an individual.

To enable global delivery tv2u’s network agnostic platform uses 3rd party CDN’s to deliver content to any network on any device anywhere. Tv2u’s iVan Traffic management allows for caching on the edge to ensure that the customer receives the optimum viewing experience.

tv2u has created a new generation app that enables the individual to personalise their viewing experience, share and engage through their social media. Built to work closely with the analytics platform and to provide a compelling user experience for live, linear and VOD added with the uniqueness of a user contribution channel. The platform supports multiple connected devices ranging from mobile to smart tv’s.

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