Systems Integration & Solution Delivery

tv2u has a unique approach to the IPTV systems integration business.

We recognise that our customers need more than just a technology platform and that the high CAPEX set up costs of the platform and the content minimum guarantees bar entry of many operators to the market. So tv2u is investing in building a video delivery service infrastructure preloaded with content to provide a low cost of entry and a managed service that they can launch at web speed. tv2u with its managed service hubs has an end to end delivery solution for internet delivery of both live and VOD content. It can also complement this with gaming, advertising and all the other components of a twenty first century TV platform.

Using our standard methodology we engage with our customers to determine their need and then craft a tailored solution. This solution can draw on the managed service content clouds or be an entirely specific solution to the customer specification.Our systems integration experts have a track record of delivering a wide range of solutions from a video based sports application for the Indonesian super league to encoding for the Beijing Olympics and a full TV service solution in Montana America. The targeted advertising solution for the American solution by promoting local sports content to local people managed to double the subscriber base in a few short weeks when the offer was released.

Managed service content hub for internet video

Unique amongst the systems integration service providers tv2u brings a full line up of Telco grade content as part of its managed service proposition that is pre-integrated and approved by the content suppliers for both the content hub, delivery mechanism and client devices.

Unlike similar cloud based solutions this content includes live channels from major TV providers, up to date PPV window transactional VOD as well as the usual subscription VOD and box sets offers. This Hollywood content is also complemented by Bollywood, Karaoke and local Chinese content.

The Chinese content uniquely is coming directly from China and some of it has not been seen internationally before. Using the power of internet video we intend ultimately to bring local content from China and other regional countries to their local populations globally. As a Chinese person just because you live in New York you should not be restricted to Hollywood movies with superheros like Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine you should be able to watch content directly from Shanghai as well.

Customisation and Localisation

tv2u understands that while all TV platforms need common core components such as DRM, video streaming, live channels vod channels, ad insertion etc,  all operators solutions are inherently going to be different too because it is their inherent uniqueness allows operators differentiate from each other.

tv2u allows operators to fully customize their solution experience. All clients can be skinned with colour or branding at minimum time at cost. If however the customer wants a more differentiated approach the clients can have specific features added or even have them completely replaced with alternatives designed by the operator. Features in the cloud may also be modified with new requests and even if necessary new technology components can be integrated. With our clear systems integration methodology and years of experience in delivering TV platforms from the Beijing Olympics to Newmont in Montanna USA, tv2u can deliver what is required to make operators unique and compelling and yet still save on costs and infrastructure with its cloud hosted approach to delivering television.

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