Building on years of industry knowledge

TV2U has been evolving the OTT TV sector since 2011.

Our global team is made up of broadcast, telecoms, and media industry professionals, designers, engineers, and local market experts.

With a business model that’s intrinsically invested in the success of our customers, we work alongside you to create the right platform for your audience.

We’ve delivered high-value, large-scale solutions around the world. From a full-service live linear OTT offering at the Beijing Olympics and a customised sports platform for the Indonesian Super League, to complete TV streaming services for innovative mobile operators in the USA.

We pride ourselves on knowing what’s needed to make a content delivery service unique and compelling, while also reducing the infrastructure costs typically associated with taking a streaming platform to market.

Systems integration: Creating branded, managed cloud TV services

TV2U takes a different approach to the OTT TV market.

Cutting through the common barriers to entry (content acquisition, platform delivery, and CAPEX investment) we provide a fully white-label managed service as a complete package – and brand it to fit.

Unique among systems integration providers, we can introduce a full line-up of telco grade content as part of our managed service platform. Including live linear channels from major TV providers, subscription VOD content, and more, it’s pre-integrated and approved by our content suppliers.

This means your service can be online and streaming direct to subscribers incredibly quickly, supplemented by your own assets.

The TV2U platform doesn’t just handle TV either. Video assets can be complemented with games, music, and all other components that go into creating a next-generation content streaming service.

Transform the way you localise and monetise

Each viewer is unique.

To maximise revenue potential from content it’s important to deliver highly relevant advertising. The approach we take to analytics makes this a reality. Going beyond what’s possible with other platforms, our real-time proprietary data insights means you can target a specific user.

Broad-based advertising is a thing of the past. With the TV2U platform you can see truly granular insights into different demographics, identifying how content is consumed and what suggestions should be pushed to different users based on their current consumption profile.

We do this by building intelligence straight into the player app. Since our OTT TV platform is device and network agnostic, it can track and report on usage behaviour at all times, talking directly with the CMS.

From there, we run ad insertion on the server-side. Advertising can be dynamically stitched into a live stream using existing ad markets or, for on-demand, inserted pre and post content. It’s immediate, intelligent, and tailored to the individual.

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