A truly managed, end-to-end OTT video platform

Making it easier to launch a new video service

Our team has managed OTT content delivery through the TV2U platform for tier-one operators, major sporting events, and more, reaching tens of millions of end-users around the world.

We’re experts in launching and scaling OTT TV services. Every over-the-top go to market model is supported: TV Everywhere, Cloud TV, Hybrid TV, and fully managed operations for Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (MVPDs).

Our modular SaaS (Software-as-a-Solution) approach integrates seamlessly into existing platforms and workflows, bringing full-service management, security, control, and efficient delivery over any network and to any device.

A disruptive business model

The TV2U platform offers a cloud-based service proposition for operators looking to bring a new solution to market.

By leveraging existing content and infrastructure hubs to rapidly deploy a full-service television offering, we can quickly bring a tailored mix of live TV, transactional VOD, subscription VOD, and ad-funded video assets to your subscribers.

Our approach takes advantage of TV2U’s existing delivery infrastructure and pre-loaded content arrangements with major and local providers around the world.

As a result, you can avoid the high minimum guarantees of content providers and significantly reduce the large capital expenditure (CAPEX) typically associated with building a new service.

It’s a radically different OPEX-based business model, mitigating operational risk and coming in at a fundamentally different price point compared to conventional triple-play service providers.

Advanced personalisation and targeted advertising

The TV2U platform can track an end-user’s usage across devices straight out the box.

By linking this with other data sources from your network, a much more targeted view of customer preferences and relationships can be made.

As the TV2U platform is device and network agnostic, content that’s available to users off-network can also be tracked and analysed to create a granular usage profile for new customer acquisition.

With this data set in place, it’s then possible to take advantage of real-time event profiling through intelligent predictive analytics. This helps to forecast outcomes for the future as the platform leans customer behaviour over time.

The analysis of this data, and the future forecasting it offers, can be turned into insights; insights into intelligence, intelligence into actions, and actions into tangible results that’ll drive revenue and reduce churn.

The end result is an invaluable tool for predicting future content selection. Also, for determining the most valuable advertising options to present to each user for stronger OTT monetisation.

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