tv2u is fully aligned with the twenty first century business case for next generation television platforms.

tv2u is fully aligned with the twenty first century business case for next generation television platforms. The high cost of the set top box coupled with the costs for installation and provisioning of a managed network make the business case for IP delivered television solutions difficult. Hence the tv2u approach is to enable a unicast video delivered solution, leveraging consumer owned devices to fundamentally change the business case for television.

When this is combined with a cloud based solution pre-integrated with a content offer, costs can be shared amongst multiple operators. This means that prospective operators adopting the tv2u approach to interactive television can enter the market with a radically different OPEX based business case, that allows them to mitigate a great deal of operational risk and come in at a fundamentally different price point to conventional triple play services providers.

Managed end to end solution for internet video

tv2u offers a unique service proposition for bringing an internet delivered TV service to multiscreen operators worldwide. Operators wishing to bring up a new solution can leverage the existing content cloud and infrastructure hubs to rapidly deploy a full television service consisting of live TV, transactional VoD, Subscription VoD and advertising funded VoD to their subscribers. tv2u will commission an instance of their service and customise it to the operators requirements and then manage the infrastructure for them.

The operator can avoid the high minimum guarantees of content providers and minimise the large capital expenditure of building a new service by reusing tv2u’s infrastructure in a managed service deal that utilises the preloaded content.

Personalised advertising

There are many claims about advertising and how to best target end users.  Most solutions use demographic information about the subscribers to drive selection which is at best an unsubtle methodology.  For instance, if the householder is a 20 year old single man, they may show more advertising for fashion clothing and no commercials for baby clothes.  However tv2u analytics plugs into both the location of the end user, their social network behaviors and the TV which they watch in order to drive the selection of advertising.

The tv2u platform can personalise advertising selection to their specific circumstances and for instance understand that everyone is different and not all guys are into local nightclubs and expensive cars. Some guys think the way to go is to stay young and fit and are more likely to respond to adverts that show outdoor activities, new bicycles, walking holidays in Morocco and fishing tackle.


The analytics platform is the heart of advertising selection and understanding your customer.  The platform mixes the location and tracks the end user even when they change devices – this is unique to our technology.

This means it reports back on what they watch on the platform and where they watch it.  By linking with their social networks it can also build a picture of the likes and relationships.  This becomes an invaluable tool for predicting future content selection and for determining selection of advertising.

tv2u’s analytics platform is also going to be used in partnership with the Akamai CDN platform to help drive the selection of content for their PVOC solution. This technology predicts which content to preload into devices.


Unique amongst the systems integration service providers tv2u brings a full line up of Telco grade content as part of its managed service proposition that is pre-integrated and approved by the content suppliers for both the content hub, delivery mechanism and client devices.

Unlike similar cloud based solutions this content includes live channels from major TV providers, up to date PPV window transactional VoD as well as the usual subscription VoD and box sets offers.  This Hollywood content is also complemented by Bollywood, Karaoke and local Chinese content.

The content is coming directly from China and some of it has not yet been seen outside of the host nation. Using the power of internet video, we ultimately intend to bring local content from China and other regional countries to their expatriates and travelers living outside the host nation.. As a Chinese person, just because you live in New York you should not be restricted to Hollywood movies with superheroes like Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine – you should be able to watch content directly from Shanghai as well.

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